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Saturday, July 02, 2005

no longer incognito

The Dad and I have decided that we will no longer use code names for ourselves or kids. It is just too confusing. If you are wondering why we started the blog with code names, it was my fault. I told Mark that I was worried about having so much information on the web and who might be able to access it. He came up with this solution in order to calm my fears. I think as long as we refrain from using last names, I am okay. (FYI... Mike=Drew, Harry=Evan, Stephanie=Lindsay, The Mom=Regina, and The Dad=Mark)

So that said...we are in the middle of a beautiful weekend in Waco. Our family went to the Cameron Park Zoo this morning for the opening of the Brazos River Country exhibit. It was marvelous and the kids had a great time. The highlight of the exhibit is the slide that goes through the otters play area. The otters are so friendly and swim all around the slide!

I am labeling the kids clothes because they are leaving for cousins camp tomorrow! I have that funny, nervous, excited, feeling inside like you sometimes have before going on a big trip. Except this time I am not going, the kids are!!! They are all very excited. This will be the first time that Lindsay will be away from us for so long. She loves Meme and Papaw and playing with her cousins so I know she will have a wonderful time. Speaking of Meme and Papaw, they've got a big week ahead of them. They will have a packed house---11 grandchildren, two teenage helpers (two local teenagers), one adult helper (Meme's sister, Aunt Barbara) and themselves. They will be quite a sight on their fieldtrips wearing matching shirts and silly grins!

What are we going to do without kids? I guess we will find something to do. Catch up on scrapbooking, watch movies, go out to eat, do the crossword puzzle from the paper... to name just a few. We are also taking suggestions.

I must go and finish packing the kiddos. Please continue to pray for Evan. I think the medicine is really taking its toll. He is still not sleeping enough. I hope he gets enough rest at camp and doesn't feel awkward when he has to take so many pills every day!


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