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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

A better day

Today was a good day. It seemed extremely good because yesterday was terrible. Today, Stephanie, Harry and I were busy. We like it that way. We took Mike to Camp Invention, went to dad's office, saw a movie (Slappy and the Stinkers), saw a puppet show at the library, ate lunch at Sonic and then picked Mike up from camp. Yesterday, Mike did not want to go to camp. He cried (alot). He says the camp isn't challenging. Hasn't the kid heard of just having some fun? He wants more of those algebra problems from last week. The camp director and three counselors convinced him to stay at camp. I think it sounds like lots of fun. He is taking apart a phone and answering machine and using the parts to create a new invention.

Harry has had a few episodes. I don't worry about him as much now. Still not making much progess swallowing the M & Ms or Skittles or Hot Tamales or any other kind of candy he can use as an excuse. Mike called out that Harry was "acting weird" while they were playing yesterday. I wondered, is he being normal weird or seizure weird. I think it was a little of both. Speaking of weird, for those of you who are blessed to see Harry out and about these days, please excuse his attire. My hope for this Star Wars obsession to wane is not happening. He has not grown hair that we now braid on one side. It is braided brown ribbon with one of Stephanies clips--a sign of a Padawan, a Jedi in training. He also has a glove on one hand which is his "artificial hand." The real one was severed with a light saber. On a good day, we can get him out of his bath robe but he always has his belt to hang his saber and what ever else he can find to make himself look goofy. Why are my children not content to be themselves? This too shall pass just like Peter Pan, Shawn Bell and the others.

Poor Stephanie just wants to go to Cousins camp. We made a chain so she could see how many days until she leaves for Salado. She decorated it, put stickers on it and stapled it together. Now she can't believe that she is suppose to take it apart after all the work she put into it. So it just hangs on the doorknob--decorative but completely useless. Her biggest question today was "is a condo where the houses are all stuck together?" She surprised me today by saying "eventually." I didn't know that word was in her vocabulary. We made "cookie cutters" yesterday. She has been asking to make sugar cookies that you do "like play-do" for weeks. She is now a happy camper!


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