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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Queen of our house

Many have asked what Mike could have possibly done to get Playstation 2 taken away for the summer. The story is actually quite funny now but no one was laughing at the time. Mike was upset that The Mom had asked him to set the table for dinner. He was fed up with people asking him to help around the house. See, Mike is really pretty sneaky. When we ask for the kids to help with a task, he conveniently sneaks off to the bathroom with the lastest Sports Illustrated for Kids magazine until our requests is done by the other two. When he said he needed to go to the bathroom, I told him he could quickly help set the table and he was free to go. He screamed, he cried and told me how unreasonable I was being. I have learned after 8 years to read him very well. I knew he didn't really need to go. So I insisted that he help. He said I was too bossy. He wouldn't stop screaming so I said "No PS2 for a week if you don't help." He growled even more and I just kept adding a week at a time. I thought he would stop when he realized he wasn't doing himself any favors by being rude to me. I tried to explain to him that as his mom, it is my job to help him learn to be responsible. To that he replied, "You just think you are the Queen of this house." I didn't know what to say. Harry took care of that for me. He stepped in front of me and in his most serious voice he announced "SHE IS!!"


At 6/19/2005 11:47 PM, Anonymous CW said...

And the Italian word for "Queen" is ...


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