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Monday, May 30, 2005

T-ball again (and more?)

Apparently, The Mom has told quite a few people about this slice of the web, so if you're new- Welcome!

Harry had another incident at a t-ball game on Friday. He was playing pitcher again. This time, someone was throwing the ball back to him, as the play always ends by getting the ball to the pitcher. He made no effort to catch it, or to chase it down after he missed the throw.

I immediately went out there and he had "the look." If you have ever seen him in one of these situations, you know what I'm talking about, but it's hard to describe. He just doesn't look right. We sat him down and got him a drink, but by the time it was his turn to bat, he was ready to go. He seems to bounce back quickly, for the most part.

We told a friend at dinner about this incident and she asked if we were sure it was a seizure, as Harry is only 5 (but almost 6!). Well, first, we don't know if it's a seizure or not. We're assuming that without medication, it would become a seizure, but instead it's a seizure precursor or something. Second-- Yes, there are some kids out there who could get hit by a ball on the field and they would be surprised that there are actually people on a baseball field using a bat and a ball and rudely interrupting their nap/flower picking/dirt play.

However, Harry is not this type of player. He is always on the move, because he wants to be part of the action. So, yes, when he doesn't move, we know something is going on.

More importantly, this really got us thinking and talking. This has happened twice in t-ball lately. So, how often does this happen that we don't know about it? When's he playing by himself at home, or reading, or watching tv, and he just zones out for a few seconds, we might not notice because he's not in a situation that brings it to our attention. Just wondering...

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