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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Another one??

Yesterday at Harry's t-ball game, he gave The Dad a scare. He plays pitcher, and I have to admit, he's good. He made all 3 outs in one inning, including a nice catch on a line drive. Enough to make a dad proud.

Anyway, that's not what scared me. At one point, he was on the mound. I was looking at the batter, not at Harry. The batter hit the ball and it went about 3 or 4 feet to the left of Harry. He didn't move. Normally, he would have pounced on that ball like a cat on a mouse and made a terrific stop followed by an easy throw to first for an out. However, not only did he not move, he didn't even look at the ball as it went by. This immediately worried me since this is typical of how his seizures have started. He snapped out of it and was alert by the end of the play. I went out to check on him and he told me he didn't see the ball, but he was acting fine and wanted to stay in the game.

At home after the game, I asked him about again. Through further questions and some back and forth, we determined that he had lost his peripheral vision. I asked if this had happened before and he said no. We decided that this was possibly the beginning of a seizure. Whether or not it was a very short one, or if the medicine he is taking kept it from continuing and worsening, we don't know. But it did seem to be an incident worth noting and the type of incident we need to continue to look for.


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