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Thursday, May 19, 2005

More Seizures

Harry had another seizure yesterday (May 18). He had another EEG this morning and now he gets to take TWO medications (tegretol and depakote), three times a day. The new one is a capsule, so he'll either have to learn to swallow a big pill or we'll have to open the capsule and put the powder in applesauce or yogurt or something. That should be interesting.

We are somewhat frustrated with his neurologist. You read about the confusion with regard to his medication in a previous post. Then, I got a voicemail on May 13 from Dr. V's office. Essentially, the nurse said that she had also left a message at home, but that the the blood levels were back and everything was fine and keep him on the same medication. Ummm.... He had his blood drawn on May 2 and we had sinced upped his med's without another blood draw. I called The Mom and she had gotten the message at home and had called the office rather irate. Long story short, we have an appointment with a pediatric neurologist in a larger city and an MRI scheduled for tomorrow.


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