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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Sweet Peace

The Dad seems to have taken a leave of absence from blog writing so I guess The Mom will have to do for now. As I write, I am experiencing something so rare and so precious to this only child....peace and quiet. The kids have gone to Salado to spend the night with The Grandparents. Stephanie called The Grandparents to see if she could spend the night with them. She has wanted to spend the night with them but she is a bit of a Cling-On to The Mom and always backs out at the last minute. When Harry heard about Stephanie's overnight plans, he invited himself to Salado as well. Mike wanted nothing to do with that. He is a homebody and never wants to get too far from his media guides, Gameboy or Playstation2. (By the way, his Playstation2 privileges have been taken away for the entire summer but that is another story.) Before putting Mike to bed last night, The Mom said that she and The Dad could go on a date if he went to Salado as well. I don't know if that did it but Mike woke up this morning and said, "I would like to go to go with Meme and Papaw if that is alright." WOW! Did he really think I needed to go out on a date that badly. Was it that obvious? He must know how these last several weeks have been crazy with all 3 kids home. I think he can see that Harry's seizures are beginning to take their toll on my sanity. I feel like I am always on high alert, always watching Harry even while he sleeps.

Speaking of Harry, he has had a few more episodes but they have been much more slight than the previous ones. While writing thank you notes for his birthday, he "zoned out." He had no idea what he had been doing. He quickly recovered and had no residual from the episode. On Thursday, he was lightsaber fighting with Anakin and he had a short seizure. I sat him down and gave him his medicine and soon he came around. What I noticed this time is that Harry's speech is always affected by the seizures. He had no facial expression and a distant look in his eyes. Although I am able to remain calm during these times, I am overcome with emotion on the inside. What is this doing to my little boy? Is this harming him? Harry was crying this week during his rest time. I asked him what was wrong. He said that his life is ruined because he has started having seizures. He is mad at God. We talked about how God loves him more than he could imagine and it was not God who had done this to him. He has a lot of issues to work out. I feel like my words are inadeqate to comfort him. We pray. We cry. I wish I could make them go away. I know God is in control. I know good can come from this. My prayer is that we will allow God to show us through this and that His perfect will be made known to our sweet boy.


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