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Monday, May 30, 2005

Jedi knights

I won't confuse things by changing their names permanently on this blog, but we now have some Jedi knights in the family. Mike is Anakin and Harry is Obi-Wan Kenobi (but sometimes Yoda). Stephanie just likes to play and doesn't really care who she is. Mike used a birthday gift card to buy a light saber. When you have a light saber, you want to fight someone, of course, so he was nice enough to buy one for Harry, as well.

Anyway, we have a little tent-looking house given to the kids by the grandparents. It's pretty cool. It folds up like those windshield sunscreens that were popular for a while, where you have to flick and twist your wrist just right to get it to fold up into a circle. Anyway, The Dad alwasy has to do it because The Mom doesn't seem to have the correct wrist motion in her repertoire.

This has become the "Jedi Tent." Mike and Harry decided that they wanted to spend the night in the Jedi Tent on Saturday night. Well, we weren't sure that they would sleep and that's the night before church, so we told them they could on Sunday night. The Dad was supposed to be gone camping on Sunday night (but he got rained out), so we figured that would be a fun diversion for them.

Stephanie wanted to sleep in there with them. It was a pretty tight squeeze, but they slept in there all night. Mike even slept until after The Dad left for work (yes, he has to work on Memorial Day), which is highly unusual for him.


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