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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Summer Days

We spent a very productive weekend at home. The dad worked in the yard and cleaned out the gargage. The Mom cleaned inside and played with the kiddos. By Saturday night, we were ready to enjoy a giant Poppa Rollo's pizza as a reward for our hard work. We like Poppa Rollo's because they put so much hamburger on their pizza. Stephanie doesn't like pizza but she does like hamburger meat. So... everyone has to dump their excess meat on her plate before they eat their pizza. Not only is the pizza good but the boys love watching The Three Stooges there. They laugh so hard that I fear they will fall off of the balcony where we always end up sitting.

I noticed this week that my kids hear and see more of the news than I would like them to. As I was unloading my groceries at HEB last week, Harry saw one of those crazy magazines by the check out with Michael Jackson on it. He asked "Is he a predator?" I wasn't sure how to respond to that. That same night, Mike saw the the aging Klan member who was convicted of killing 3 civil rights activist 41 years ago and exclaimed "What did the Six Flags man do to get into trouble?" Did you notice the similarity? Too much information for little kids. I think we are going to turn off the TV, hit the books and have some good old fashion fun outside.

This should be a great week. Mike is attending Camp Invention. Harry should be seizure free. Please pray that we can help Harry learn to swallow his medicine. Progress has been very slow. He has been a bit fussy and easily aggrevated. My prayer is that he will adjust quickly to the medication changes and return to his normal sweet self. The doctor was very confident that Harry should be completely seizure free soon. He was impressed with Harry and even said he was quite advanced for his age. This was comforting to hear since The Mom has been worried that the seizures have been destroying those precious little brain cells. Thanks for all your support, prayer and words of encouragement. We really do appreciate all of you!


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