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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Back to Normal

With The Big Appointment behind us, we are trying to get back into a normal routine. Mike is attending a Math camp this week sponsored by WISD. He loves it! The camp is intended for completed 3rd graders but he was invited to take the test to try to get in. He blew the top off the test! He came home today with algebra homework and a smile from ear to ear! The Mom thinks that math should only involve numbers. After all, there are an infinite amount of them right? Once you start adding in the alphabet, there is just too much confusion. It just isn't right.

Harry is having a decent week. He is still having some little moments where he stares off for a few seconds. He is not getting his medicine as early as he should because he is sleeping so late. The Mom has had to wake him up every morning to take Mike to camp.

The first thing Stephanie says each morning is that she wants to go to the water park. Summer is a fun time but we are so used to structure that we feel a little lost without a calender with hourly events. It is also a hard call for parents about how to keep kids motivated in the summer. Mike has put reading on hold (with the exception of the Sports section of the paper and SI for kids) until the next Harry Potter book comes out. Harry would rather watch Star Wars or Harry Potter for the 100th time than pick up a book. The Mom would love to see them practice handwriting. (That's not going to happen!)

Congrat to the Baylor Bears. It was fun to follow them (on TV) to Omaha but I must admit I am glad we don't have to spend another night glued to the TV.

Got another meeting tonight anyway (PSAA-Parents Supporting Advanced Academics)!


At 6/23/2005 10:39 PM, Anonymous Carol said...

Hi! I enjoyed catching up with what has been going on with your family. I have been out of pocket much of the last two weeks. Week before last my Dad died quietly in his sleep and we have been to Midland alot taking care of business. We were very sad, but we were so thankful he lived to be almost 90 and then just went to sleep and woke up in heaven. The news sounds good for Harry. HIs adopted grandparents will keep praying for Harry as well as The Mom and Dad. I have never left a message on a "Blog" before. I hope I did it right. Oh, one more thing. I called Todd K. the other day to ask him a question and he raved and raved on how well Mike is doing at Math Camp. I will tell youall about it Sunday. Love to all!!


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