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Monday, June 20, 2005

Random thoughts after midnight

Our sleepy boy is working hard to stay up. We have played checkers, cards, PS2 and now he is watching a movie. Our dog is terribly confused. I can see the questions in her eyes "Why does little Harry get to stay up so late?" "Where are the other little people?" "Can't I just go to sleep?"

The Mom worked at the hospital this weekend. Work is always busy but a nice break from the world of child rearing. The dad gets to shuttle kids to their activities, kiss boo-boos and answer questions like "Does God have armpits?" The Mom loves talking to other health professionals yet always leaves appreciating getting to stay home with the kids. There are always so many interesting stories from the hospital. General Hospital has nothing on the real thing!!

The Dad got to watch Baylor's gold medal track stars practice Saturday. The boys were not as impressed as The Dad. I never thought I would say this but living in Waco is great! I don't miss the Houston traffic or the hour commute to the Medical Center but for awhile I couldn't imagine living without the museums, zoo, malls and restaurants. Waco has grown since The Mom moved here in 1989. We now have good restaurants, a fun zoo, multiple museums and good sporting events to attend. We were eating at a pizza place one night and sat next to Stephanie Blackmon (Lady Bears Basketball star). She was eating by herself so we just sort of joined her. That is not likely to happen in a big town.

The Grandma has come from the big city (Houston) to take care of Stephanie and Mike. Mike starts a Math camp tomorrow so he will be busy in the morning. Stephanie is looking forward to having The Grandma to herself. We are blessed to have such a wonderful family and great friends. Thanks to all who are praying for us!


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