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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Happy 4th!

No children. Peace and quiet. Stay up late. Sleep late (maybe). Errands. Projects. The list is LONG!

This is our life for the next 84 hours but whose counting? My dilemma is whether I should relax and enjoy the solitude or run around like crazy trying to get everything done that I haven't been able to do with three kids in tow. With the first, I would feel guilty and with the second (which is what I will end up doing), I will be exhausted when we get the kids back. My list is a mile long. Mark makes fun of my obsessive list making but without it I would be lost!

I am a year behind in scrapbooking so that is a huge priority. I completed 12 pages today. Mark worked in the yard all day. We went to dinner and to the Suspension bridge for the fireworks display on the river. The music was great and we had wonderful seats. The photographer from the Trib who took Lindsay's picture for the paper sat next to us.

For those of you who missed it, Lindsay was on the front page of the Waco Tribune Herald on Sunday. When we were at the zoo on Saturday, a Trib photographer took some pictures of Lindsay playing with the otters. I didn't think they would use them because she wasn't smiling BUT they did. Now, I have heard some of you say that we must know someone at the paper or we must be paying someone there to put our kids in the paper but that is not true. If I had known that Lindsay might be in the paper, I would have insisted that she wear a bow in her hair and a nicer outfit. Instead she was sweaty and her hair was a mess! So now, all three kids have made it in the paper. Drew had an article written about him in the sports section when he was five, Evan was on the front page with Shawn Bell (BU football player) in May and now Lindsay. The only other item they appear on is the new brochure from Baylor's Discovery Center.

My prayers for the week: To be efficient and effective with my time, Strength for Meme and Papaw, Good behavior from my children at Cousins Camp, Keep everyone at camp healthy and safe.


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