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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Back in the Business of Parenting

Drew is in Tennis camp this week. Evan is attending Dinosaur Day Camp. Evan went on a field trip yesterday to Fort Worth which really wore him out. I almost didn't let him go because he had a seizure on Tuesday--the first one since our visit with the specialist. We have not been good about swallowing training. Tonight, he and Mark worked hard on trying to swallow Skittles. While Evan had his mouth open, Mark noticed that Evan had several molars coming in. Maybe that explains some of Evan's abnormal behavior lately.

The kids had a great time at cousins camp. We missed them and are glad they are back but it certainly doesn't take long to remember why we were grateful for the break. We went to a family reunion in New Braunfels after cousins camp. After a week away, I think they were ready to be back home. We got a lot done while the kids were gone. We also went out to eat a bunch. We went to Siete Mares one night. This is one of the Secret Services favorite places when they are in town with Bush. The food was good (I had garlic shrimp) but the service was lousy. We were the only ones with out an ice chest full of liquor. Mark thought that we ought to be able to provide our own soft drinks. They didn't agree. Mark pleaded discrimination! "Just because I don't drink liquor, you shouldn't be able to overcharge me for a beverage!" We must have eaten out way too much because by the end of the week, I was sick. I couldn't eat anything all day Thursday.

I am no longer a year behind on my scrapbooks! I still have about 100 pictures to "scrap" but I feel much better now that last year's vacation is done. I've had a great time remembering the fun we have had over the last year. It is so easy to overlook how blessed our lives are. I am determined to be grateful for all that God has given us. How else will my children learn to be content?


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