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Monday, May 08, 2006

The Odyssey...

Our poor little van has earned it's name over the last few weeks. It's been on quite the odyssey.

As our regular readers know, our van was involved in an accident a few weeks back. We have been in a rental longer than expected and it has led to more familial touching than we are accustomed to, leading to some conflict.

Dennis, the manager (owner?) at Bebrick has been great, but I think he's tired of our car, too. It's taken longer to get parts, they keep finding more stuff wrong, and it's been back and forth between the body shop and Freddie Kish's. Apparently, they do alignments and that sort of stuff there for Bebrick. Since we didn't have power, we didn't hear much about the damage to the rest of town until Saturday night. When we saw the damage to Freddie Kish's, Regina made the comment that she saw our car at Bebrick (she was taking Drew to a birthday party in the area), and she was glad our car was not at Freddie Kish's still.


It turns out it was at Freddie Kish's! Regina talked to Dennis this morning and he had gone to get the car Saturday morning, which is why she saw it there. He tried to call us, but none of our phones worked. The van got a new dent on the roof, the hood (that was just repainted) needs to be replaced, and the fender (that was just replaced) needs to be repainted. So, it looks like we'll be in a rental a little longer, though Dennis says he'll get us something "bigger." We'll see what that means.

If you're not from Waco, to give you an idea, here's a picture from the lobby of Freddie Kish's. Here's a slideshow on the Waco Trib site of the tornado damage. Freddie Kish's is in picture #7 and it's right next to Shipp Belting (pic #8) and the Coca-Cola bottling plant (pic #10) to give you an idea of the damage.

Regina here: This is what I saw when I drove up to Freddie's this morning to check on the car.I didn't find any comfort in the condition of the repair place. Much to my excitement, the Odyssey didn't have much damage at all. Looks like we will have our car back by Friday. (18 days in the Camry). The Hertz guy offered me a Grand Marquis but I decided I would rather hear the kids fuss.


At 5/09/2006 12:28 AM, Anonymous cliff said...

I'm glad your van didn't die!!

At 5/09/2006 3:49 PM, Blogger Regina said...

Thanks, Cliff. I didn't know you had such a sensitive side!


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