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Monday, April 03, 2006

So much joy!

We are having a blast with our new friends! They are incredible kids. They are polite kids as well as gifted singers and dancers. They love the Lord and radiate His joy. We have been blessed just to be with them.
We have especially enjoyed our nightly devotional time with them. It is amazing to think that our boys and boys from across the world can come together to study God's word---in their pajamas! I just hope my boys are soaking up this experience the way I am.
Sunday turned out to be a crazy day. Sadie, the wonder dog, decided that African flavored flip flops are yummy! So I was off to Target to buy replacements for one of the boys. As I was leaving Target, a very tattooed young man (without a license) was cutting through the parking lot and hit our car. Lindsay, Evan and I were all fine. Mark and Drew couldn't even come to our rescue because we'd left our other car with the Mwanganza sponsors.


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