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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

My group

This is my group from Remuda. We really bonded in the day and a half we were together. What we had in common was a desire to help these troubled girls. Two of these ladies have battled Eating Disorders themselves. They were the lucky ones who were able to recover without inpatient therapy. Their parents are lucky too because they didn't have to figure out how they were going to come up with $127,000 to pay for the treatment. This disease is horrific and very expensive to treat. It tears families apart. Even after inpatient treatment, these girls have to continue with outpatient therapy for years. Until now, Waco has not had much nutrition support for this problem. Recovery involves a multidisciplinary treatment team consisting of a psychotherapist, psychiatrist, physician, dietitian and sometimes a dentist. I know this is more than anyone reading this blog wants to know but this is where my mind always seems to drift these days. There are way too many people dying from this disease because many are too shameful to admit they are having a problem. All you have to do is look around campus at Baylor or down any high school hallway and you will find someone who is literally skin and bones. Someone described what it was like seeing the beautiful teenage girls at the Ranch with feeding tubes in their noses and flung behind their ears as "silencing." I think that captures it. It almost takes your breath away.


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