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Friday, May 05, 2006


I took a group of 3rd grade boys on a field trip today in the little Camry. It was cramped but they seemed to like it that way. I thought I would pick up my car right after that. I called after lunch and they were still working on the car. I called later in the afternoon and she assured me it would be done by 5:30. "Just come on by after five" she says. She called later to say that it wouldn't be done until Saturday morning. She called again around 4:15 to say a part they need can not be found in Waco and the car will not be done until MONDAY. I can't imagine they didn't know this part was missing until after 4!!! It's not a biggie but I am trying to return the car with the same amount of gas as it had when I got it. Otherwise, they charge $5.99/gallon. Now that is crazy!!! It had a 1/4 tank so I've been putting a few gallons at a time.

Speaking of crazy, the cost of tennis shoes are out of this world. Turns out that all of us needed new tennis shoes around the same time. I am almost sure that we could support an African child for a year on what we spent on tennis shoes. Good thing I had a job this spring, except that I never got paid. I called to inquire about the whereabouts of my paycheck and no one seemed to know anything about a dietitian doing any work for Baylor. After much paper shuffling, I mean computer clicking, my paperwork was found but did not have an approval signature on it. I would have been waiting forever had I not called. I did learn a lot and met some nice people, but I really didn't want to do it for free.

Only 12.5 days of school left. This is very deceiving because there is so much "non-school" that goes on during this time. There's field day, Awards day, end of the year parties, more field trips, Artist Market, Family Day at the waterpark, Muffins for Mom and a talent show. I am sure I've left something out. I am working really hard to prepare myself to have all 3 kids home this summer. It is fun to be able to live without a schedule but the kids always like to have something to do. 100 degree heat + bugs= lots of time indoors. Any suggestions?


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