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Thursday, May 04, 2006

A return to the blog

Life has been too hectic to stop and write about it. We are buzzing all over town these days. All three kids are in the middle of field trip season. May is just full of fun activities.
I had to include this picture because it says so much about how practical Mark is. He missed his run one morning and we really needed a new air filter for our air conditioner so he decided to combine the two. He ran to HEB which saved gas and time.
Now that my job is over for the summer, I have had time to clean out closets. I love to do this (which I acknowledge is strange). I cleaned mine out first. I love getting rid of stuff and organizing what is left. Lindsay loves to have her closet cleaned out as well because she likes to try things on and play fashion show. While cleaning out her closet, I noticed she has way too many shoes. I guess I've always known this but I was still shocked to see so many in one place. Mark wanted to know if they all fit. I don't think they do but she can't seem to part with some of them. This is not a good sign for her future spending. She loves to shop, especially for shoes. And she doesn't really like this little mall (Richland Fashion Mall). She wants the "REAL" mall (Galleria).
Baseball season is well underway. We are not doing Little League this year. We decided not to torture ourselves again. Those people are SERIOUS about baseball. There were too many curse words, aggressive coaches/parents, and late night games for my taste. So we are at Woodway Family Center again. That is more my speed. Everyone is there to encourage the kids and help them have a good time. Drew would prefer to play with friends in Little League but we haven't heard much complaining about it. Evan is playing up so that the boys can be on the same team. I was a little worried about that but he has done super. This picture shows Evan being carried off the field by his teammates after he made a double play to end the game.


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