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Thursday, July 21, 2005

School plans

Many of you know that I worry way too much! Mark never has to worry because (1) it isn't his nature and (2) he knows I will worry enough for both of us. This week I have had the perfect "opportunity" to worry. The Director of Advanced Academics for WISD has taken a job out of town. This man was the first person who really understood Drew and had the power to make things happen. He met with Drew last year and worked closely with him at Math camp this summer. He was very impressed with Drew's abilities and was willing to think outside the box to keep Drew engaged in the school setting. I was so excited to have a man like him on our side--fighting for Drew along with us. But, it was not meant to be.

Once again I realize how much faith I put in man and not in God. I was so excited about this year because of what this man could do for Drew but what about what God wants to do with Drew? Doesn't he have a plan for my son this year? Will Drew grow in the knowledge of God? Will he understand more deeply how much God loves him? These are the important lessons. Just when I think it is safe to get off my knees, He wants me seeking His wisdom and comfort that only He can provide. I have to remind myself that God knows my children much better than I do and knows their every need.

Drew and I met with his teacher for several hours today. We nailed down a great plan for the year. This will be his 4th year with her and she is terrific with him. Our prayer is that we have cooperation to follow through with our plan. Specifically, pray that our Principal agrees to work with our plan, that we choose appropriate math curriculum, the math tutor enjoys and successfully teaches Drew new concepts, that Drew finds joy in learning again, that he likes violin, and that he have a positive mentorship experience. Building good friendships and memorizing enormous amounts of scripture would be total bonus!

My knees are getting so sore!


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