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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Evan lost his first tooth tonight! It has been loose for months. He has asked many people to try to pull it. He wanted Papaw to pull it out. Evan thought he was the best man for the job because he has so much practice pulling babies out (as an OB/GYN) that a tooth should be a piece of cake. Funny how kids, relate unrelated things together.

We knew it was coming out tonight. Evan was so nervous. He wanted Mark, our family tooth puller, to yank it out but he was scared it would hurt. He decided that he couldn't look, so he got a mask for his eyes. After about 30 minutes and only one yank, the tooth was free! He already has a tooth that grew behind the baby tooth. So you can't see much of a hole. I bought a pillow for him with a monkey (his favorite) on it. He put his tooth in the pocket. He placed the pillow on the edge of his bed and said "I am going to put it right here so YOU can reach it easily." It's kind of sad when they don't believe in such a tradition of childhood but I also feel like I am deceiving them when I talk about fairies coming into their room while they sleep. It's sort of creepy. Nevertheless, Evan has made it through a milestone that we will all remember sharing with him. It really is fun family entertainment!


At 5/19/2006 7:18 AM, Anonymous cliff said...

um...what about the tooth fairy???


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