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Wednesday, May 10, 2006


As I sat at the computer yesterday afternoon, I began to hear a very strange creaking noise. I got up to investigate just in time to hear the BOOM of the cotton wood tree falling a little closer to the ground. Along with it's enormous branches, it took down a large branch from another tree and landed on the trampoline. This situation just continues to get uglier. Mark has checked several times and we still do not have an insurance adjuster assigned to us. It is hard to sit back and do nothing.

I got home this afternoon and discovered that the tree is even closer to the ground, the fence is bent and now the swing set is crushed under the weight of the tree. It is real shady in our back yard right now. I hope it is after this fallen tree is taken away. We are still keeping our fingers crossed that the pecan tree that is holding this tree up is not damaged.

Lindsay and I surprised Evan and ate lunch with him at school today. He had a fieldtrip to see School House Rock at Baylor. He has been singing "Conjunction junction what's your Function" all afternoon. Sure brings back some childhood memories. Back in the day, when there were not 24 hour a day cartoon channels, I used to love singing along to those catchy tunes on Saturday mornings. My personal fav was "Only a bill"
Lindsay was so good today as I helped the art teacher at Hillcrest get ready for Artist Market tomorrow. I rinsed and hung 85 tye dyed T-shirts. I think I will have blue hands for a long time. Lindsay had a blast because the water hose was on for 4 hours in the same spot creating quite a lake. She played in mud and made a new friend!
Anyone who wants to have a great time and enjoy the outdoors should go to the Hillcrest PDS Artist Market Thursday night. It is at the Art Center on the campus of MCC. There is fun, food and you can express yourself using various art mediums. There will also be an opportunity to purchase art projects that the kids made. This isn't your normal "dump in the trash when the kid isn't looking" stuff. You don't want to miss this!!


At 5/12/2006 12:00 AM, Blogger brithood said...

I'm glad ya'll are okay, but I'm sorry to hear about your tree!! I hope it didn't ruin the kids trampoline!!


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