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Monday, October 10, 2005

What a weekend!!!

Warning to women and those uninterested: Sports only post. Look for Regina's next post for something with a little less testosterone.

Wow... Where do I start?

Let's just take it in order- The Bears won their first Big 12 road game EVER. 0-37. 9 years. It should have happened last weekend, against the Aggies, but the Bears have gotten that monkey off their back. And I think they have a very real chance to beat Nebraska this weekend. Nebraska is not the team they were 5 years ago, but still, to beat a team with that kind of national reputation would be huge. Go Bear!

Speaking of college football, you've got to love the resurgence JoePa is leading at Penn State. I've always been a JoePa fan. I could be wrong, but he just seems to do things the right way up there and he's so humble about it. So many people have been on him to retire for the last several years, but now you don't hear him telling those people "I told you so." I've read articles about the millions that he's donated back to Penn St. (and not just to the football program or other sports). Granted, when you've been head coach at Penn St. for a 100 years, you can probably afford it, but most coaches don't give anything back, I would think.

On to baseball... Padres were swept. No surprise. They were barely above .500 going into the playoffs. Red Sox- swept. Oh, well. Guess there's another curse now. The Yankees and Angels play the only game 5. It was a good one last night. The winner of that one has it though- they fly from NY to LA for a game tonight and then the winner has to go directly to Chicago for a game on Tuesday.

More importantly, though- HOW 'BOUT THOSE 'STROS!!!
On Saturday, Oswalt pitched well and once the Braves had to go the pen, the Astros poured it on and went up 2-1.

But the game Sunday was absolutely incredible. 18 innings. 2 grand slams. 5 hours, 50 minutes. The Rocket pitching 3 innings of awesome relief on 2 days rest, looking better than he did in his start and getting the W. A rookie hitting a walk-off homer. I actually had to leave for a meeting and thought I'd miss the end, as it was in the 13th (I think), but I made it home in time to see the last 2 innings. Now, let's go beat the Cards (and get some revenge from last year).

You can take your basketball and football overtimes (whether it be NCAA or NFL format), OT/shootout in hockey (esp. since I'm not much of a fan), extra holes in golf (speaking of which did you hear about Daly choking away $550,000 grand when he missed a 3 footer?). They've got nothing on baseball when it comes to sitting on the edge of your seat, knot in your stomach, riding on every pitch excitement. Baylor baseball tends to put us through that a bunch, too...


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