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Monday, October 03, 2005


We are cruising along okay. We've had some bumps along the way. No seizures! PTL! Mostly behavorial problems but only occassionally. A horrible feeling creeps over me as goosebumps cover every inch of my skin when Evan begins his mean faces, growling and unfriendly words. My eyes immediately begin to fill with tears because I know what we are in for. I brace myself for the name calling and scratching. I miss my son during these times. The sweet boy that just helped his sister get dressed and told her she looks beautiful is about to lash out with words that will tear down and discourage. I just don't understand it! The doctor says "everyone has a bad day now and then." Of course they do! But do they have such a drastic change in their personalities? I don't think so! I have come to really understand the importance of receiving daily manna from God. We pray each day that God will meet us where we are. We will let tomorrow worry about itself. We will do blood work in a week then go back to Plano 2 weeks after that. Evan is doing great in school! We continue to have difficulty with church. I firmly believe the devil doesn't want Evan learning more about God. This is our biggest prayer request.


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