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Saturday, September 17, 2005

walking the line

We know things are getting better but tonight Evan slipped back into the his "angry boy" role for a short while. I saw several of the absence seizures tonight as Evan was eating dinner. Evan also had a lot of seizure activity during mealtimes at the hospital. At least I know it's not my cooking causing the seizures! I feel so bad for Evan because he has thrown up every day since starting this new medicine at full strength. He reminds me of a woman with morning sickness--moaning, weak, walking around slowly. He had a good day but by 6:00 all he wanted to do was cuddle up with a warm blanket on the couch. He didn't want to go too far from his "bucket." He's worried that he is going to throw up in Sunday School or church tomorrow. Please pray that his body will adjust to the medicine soon and the seizures will go away! I am so encouraged by all of you who are out there praying! Evan asked tonight if "everybody" knows he is sick. What he was really asking was if any body cared that he was sick. When I started naming people who have told me they were praying for him, he smiled and was able to go to sleep.


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