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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

A move in the right direction

Evan had a fairly good day. He went to the school nurse and rested a while in his classroom. He had a stomach ache and was nauseated which are symptoms of his new med. He perked up and finished the day just fine. He was upset because I picked him up after school rather than letting him stay while Drew had math class with Harry from Waco High. He was able to control his disappointment and move on. By the way, Drew LOVES Harry and the cool math lessons. Harry really makes math fun.

We were all able to sit down and eat dinner together as a family. Just like old times. Everyone ate and participated in the conversation. As Mark and Drew ran an errand, I read to Evan and Lindsay. Evan read a book to us. His reading has really improved. He read a 3.3 AR book with no problems at all. Then we did math homework. Of course, this is his thing. Yet, he never ceases to amaze me with his understanding of advanced math concepts.

I have looked at some information about functions of the right and left brain. Left functions include language, math and logic while the right brain controls emotion, facial gestures, imagination, creativity as well as recognizing faces, places and objects. The changes we have seen in Evan are certainly consistent with right brain changes. Evan was unable to remember us Sunday night for just a few minutes. That was very scary.

Today, Evan began taking a full dose of his new medicine.
Please pray he does not get nauseated or show any side effects from the drug.
Pray that this medicine stops the spike and wave seizures and corrects the slowing of the right side of his brain.
Pray that we will see improvements each day until Evan is completely healed!

Mark says no one will read it if it is too long but we want to get this information to our family. We don't get to talk to them often to keep them all up to date. Sorry! I'll try to keep it shorter next time!


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