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Friday, September 09, 2005

Safe - update

Regina and Evan have safely made it to the hospital in Dallas. They are currently getting a tour so she couldn't talk. She was nervous about driving in Dallas and making it to the hospital, so I'm glad she made it safely. I'll update more later.

They have now gotten into the room and gotten settled. Evan was glad that he got to order lunch, and apparently he had a bunch of the usual kid things to choose from- burgers, pizza, nuggets, etc. They will, apparently, have to stay in the one room the whole time, so they may go a bit stir crazy. It's a big room, though, with a table to play on and a TV with 100's of movies to choose from.

Regina has a button that she is supposed to push whenever she notices Evan having a seizure. Shortly after getting him hooked up to the electrodes, the nurse came back and wondered why Regina hadn't pushed the button because he had already had a seizure. I guess his medicine had masked it and he didn't show any signs of a seizure.

More to follow, as I learn more...


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