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Friday, September 02, 2005

To be a little girl

Somedays I wish I were a little girl again. Those were the days. No laundry to do. No dinner to make. It's all about trying to get someone to play with you. This morning, Lindsay wanted to call her friend MacKenzie to "see if she wants to invite me over to her house to play." Yesterday, Lindsay played all day with her friend Belle who is four. I love to listen to their conversations. They have a great time playing dolls and doing cartwheels but they also have some pretty sophisticated conversations about Yoda and the Force. You can tell these girls have older brothers.

Yesterday, we thought Lindsay might have to get another vaccination. As I explained the situation to her, she listened carefully. Later, Lindsay looked a bit pale as we went by her pediatricians office. She asked if we were getting a shot. When I explained that we were not, she said "good 'cause scared just jumped into my heart."


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