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Monday, August 22, 2005

Lemonade, anyone?

I love weekends for all the fun and relaxation they bring. Saturday, the boys had a lemonade stand. This was a compromise because Drew really wanted to have a baseball card stand and try to sell some of his better cards. I didn't want to discourage him by telling him NO ONE was going to drive down Mosswood looking for baseball cards. I also didn't want him to sit outside all day (on our very low traffic street) waiting for someone to come by and buy a baseball card or two. He has hundreds of cards that I would love to see find another home but of course those cards would not be the ones to go. He's got a nicely cased Barry Bonds rookie card that is probably worth something and that would be the one to sell. A few years ago, I bought Drew a magazine so he could look up the value of his cards. It was worth $10 coverprice to keep him busy for so long. Unfortunately, he thinks he can get exactly what the magazine says the cards are worth.

Anyway, back to the lemonade stand. We set up on the driveway and luckily the neighbors across the street were playing outside. They have four kids and they had friends over! We got off to a good start. The boys charged .25 and gave unlimited free refills. As you can imagine, we ran out of lemonade very quickly. Mark, the wonder dad, sat out in the heat with them and even read a little C.S. Lewis aloud in between customers. We had to eventually serve tropical fruit punch because we ran out of lemonade with a nice sized crowd waiting in line.

After paying me .15 for my help and supplies (is that all I am worth?), they earned $4.50. I hope they have fond memories to go along with their $2.25.


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