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Monday, September 12, 2005

Great day--so far!

Just a quick update. I just picked Evan us from school! He was happy, calm and sweet! Praise the Lord! He told me he was going to be "the good Evan" from now on. I pray he is right. I believe that God CAN and WILL completely heal him. Thank you for all your prayers. Boy, do we feel them. Please continue to pray as we work through this. Those of you who have asked for something specific to pray for, here it goes:
pray for:
-complete healing of Evan's brain
-ALL the behavioral problems resulting from the seizures and medication will dissipate
-we will get our sweet Evan back
-Lindsay and Drew as they witness these terrible fits and are often neglected when this happens
-wisdom for Mark and me in dealing with this illness

Thank you SO much.


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