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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Mom's perspective

Evan and I had a great trip to Dallas. I was worried that he might start acting "weird" and I would have to deal with that while trying to get to a hospital I had never been to via Central Expressway. He was so fun to be with. We really had a good time. He didn't even want to watch a movie in the car!
The worst part of the admission was getting the 20+ probes glued onto his rather shaggy do. Also the glue was very smelly. Those who know Evan, know that he has a VERY sensitive nose. We had to alert the staff every time he wanted to move so the cameras could be adjusted. He was wonderful the entire time we were there. He was so proud of the banner that Lindsay made him to hang on his wall. He talked to her on the phone and told her how much he loved it (and her). He congratulated me on a job well done getting us safely to Dallas. He read several books and did ten days of math homework. The night nurse quizzed him on the times tables and was quite impressed that he knew 12 X 12 and that 144 is a gross. He had these nurses wrapped around his finger. He watched 5 movies and ate way too much food. He was jolly and kind. He was an angel. He only had good and complimentary things to say about everyone and everything around him. He had blood work done this morning and didn't even flinch. He swallowed his meds without any difficulty. He was a super patient.

The whole reason I thought we needed an EEG was to investigate his unusual behavior and as I see it, we still didn't have any answers. We still didn't see any true (or big) siezures on the EEGs. What we did see was that there was almost constant abnormal brain activity. I think that maybe I would begin acting strange too if my brain was doing what his is doing on a daily basis. BUT, the doctor thought he had seen enough. I hope we did the right thing by not insisting he investigate further. I wonder if we had stayed tonight if we would have seen this behavior and what it would look like on the EEG. I feel like I have more questions now then when I got there. Dr.R. appears to be someone discouraged which of course worries me.
Evan began to act up immediately after we left the hospital. We went out to eat and he was completely out of control. All I could do was cry. I thought we were going to get this problem fixed. I don't see any progess.

I slept for approx. 4 hours last night in a recliner so I should go to bed now. I will write more later.


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