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Saturday, September 17, 2005


Evan has continued to act like a normal kid. It has been fun to be with him again. Hopefully the medicine is doing it's job and we're on the road to improvement. It seems to be upsetting his stomach more, so that's our big prayer now.

As you've already read, he came home from school after throwing up Thursday. His stomach continued to feel bad Friday, but he made it through school. We went swimming at the Baylor SLC pool last night. Fun-loving (but not always thinking) Dad decided to throw him around. This was probably not the best idea. Actually, I guess it wasn't a good idea at all. Let's just say that after one amibitious toss, the lifeguards had to clear everyone out of the pool and disinfect part of the pool. And it wasn't a coincidence that Evan had just been in that spot.

He's been good today, though. His stomach has bothered him some, but it hasn't been too bad. We played at Poage Park and then went to the Mayborn Museum. The boys complained about going, but once we got there they had a great time. Evan just woke up from about a 2.5 hour nap, so hopefully that will help him a bunch too.

It's nice to know that things are improving, though!


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