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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Chase

Have you ever been watching a movie and there's a chase scene where someone is on foot, being chased by a car and they run in a straight line, as if they can outrun the car that is speeding up to 70 mph. And it makes you angry because you think to yourself (or perhaps you can't contain yourself and you say out loud), "You idiot. TURN!!!" because you know that the car will not be able to turn as quickly as the person. Doesn't that just drive you crazy?

Or maybe it's just me.

Well, I have found out that these actors (or more accurately, the screenwriters) are no more intelligent than squirrels. At least once during the last 3 times I have run at Cameron Park, the squirrels, who apparently have heard about my history with critters, have run for their lives at the sight of the toned physical specimen that is me.

They sit in the middle of one of the many Cameron Park trails, collecting nuts or scratching same or doing whatever it is that squirrels do to fill their time. Then they catch sight of me. And instead of quickly seeking shelter in the brush, they run away from me down the trail, the fear of death ever-present in their minds, clouding their judgment. Then, at the last possible moment, they head into the brush hoping that I have pity on them and don't come looking for dinner. But I smell the fear and cackle as I pass their hiding spot, a warning to them they are not safe because I will return.

Or maybe they are mocking me because they know I'm slow as molasses and they could outrun me even if they had an opossum tied to their back. Besides, they know I wouldn't hurt an opossum.


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