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Monday, September 19, 2005

Nausea Maximus

Once again, Evan was up early because of his tummy. He REALLY did not want to go to school but he did. He took his medicine fine this morning (an answered prayer) but hardly ate any of his french toast. I felt so bad sending him off when he obviously felt so bad. Around 11:20, I got a call to pick Evan up from school. I talked to Dr.R's nurse at 8:00 but haven't back from the doctor. I really wish this process was quicker. There are too many unknowns in Evan's future for my sanity. I know God wants me to lean on Him and trust that He has a great plan for Evan. I am working on letting go. Mark has reminded me many times that we are Evan's caretakers but God is his Father and loves him even more than we do. Hard to believe but true!

It's not often that I think about how Mary must have felt when Jesus was treated unjustly or to see Jesus hang on a cross for an offense He didn't commit. I am sure she just wanted to cry out for them to leave him alone. She knew of His goodness. She knew He didn't deserve it but God allowed it to happen. I am not comparing our situation to that but I do have to remember that other parents have had to see their children suffer. It happens everyday all over the world. Isn't God good to give us this example in Jesus. Ultimately, God had a perfect plan in the suffering of Jesus and I know He has one for Evan as well.


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