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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Strawberry Shortcake

Lindsay's 4th birthday is quickly approaching. I usually spend MONTHS planning birthday parties but as you know, I've been alittle busy lately. Lindsay decided she wanted a princess party then a My LIttle Pony party then a Barbie party then back to a princess party.... and so on and so on. Today, I made her decide for sure. She decided on Strawberry Shortcake. I'm new to this character party thing. With the boys we did army parties, space parties, cowboy parties but never just one character. Lindsay is all about coordinating the napkins, balloons, her clothes and every other little detail to a character.

I remember Strawberry Shortcake from the 70's-80's. She's cooler now. She still wears a gigantic dumb hat but she is much more fashionable. I was telling Lindsay that I had a hamster when I was 8 named Strawberry Shortcake. I should have known what her next question would be. "Where is the hamster now, mommy?" Should I tell her that we went on vacation to Colorado one summer and when I came back the hamster had earned a spot in hamster heaven? Nah. I decided to tell her that I don't know exactly where that hamster is now. And that does happen to be the truth. And she seemed content with that answer.

I am now in search of any Strawberry Shortcake information, paraphenalia, costumes etc. I've got to put a party together speedy quick. There may not be homemade invitations this year. Mark always makes fun of me anyway because I like the information on the invitation to rhyme. I've already been thinking about what rhymes with four. (Door, store, velour, senor, decor, camphor, detour..I've got to stop) Maybe we'll stick some candles in some pasta (Lindsay's favorite food) and call it a party. Who knows. If anyone reading this knows anything about SS, please fill me in. Meanwhile, I'm off to BlockBuster to rent a few Shortcake videos.


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