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Monday, September 19, 2005


Tonight I got my lesson on including pictures in our blog. Looks easy when Mark does it. Setting the VCR should be easy too but I never can figure that thing out. Maybe it's because we have 429 remote controls for the TV, VCR, DVD player and tuner. My mom can't get the TV to work when she is here. It must be in the genes. We included a random picture just to see if I could do it. Notice Evan's bushy hair (and that was over a month ago). He wanted to grow his own shade. I think he's accomplished his goal!

Speaking of Evan, he had a good afternoon but by the time Mark left for BSF, he began to revert back to his weird behavior. We had a rough night. Taking his pills was a huge challenge and I have to take his word that he took the new one. I didn't actually see it go down. I'm sure we will know by the morning if he took it.

I spoke with Dr.R this evening. He thinks the tummy problems will go away soon. We will give it until Thursday then he will prescribe something for the nausea. Until then, we hope that Evan can make it through the school day.


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