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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Update on Evan

Evan is doing much better. His new medicine no longer makes him nauseated for the most part. He is generally back to his normal happy self. He is full of good things to say and gives his sweet compliments just as freely as he used to. After a yummy dinner at Rudy's, Evan fell asleep in the car (by 6:30). We woke him up long enough to take his pills then put him to bed for the night.

We trust that God will continue to heal Evan. The road ahead is possibly complicated and long but we know we won't be alone. We have certainly been changed by this experience. We have become closer as a family. We have felt the love of friends and family. We see more clearly our daily dependence on God. We earnestly seek fellowship with Him daily--all day long. My prayer is that I will remember how precious and fragile life is.


At 9/28/2005 8:22 AM, Anonymous momma g said...

Praise the Lord! That's good news. We will continue to pray for Evan and your family.


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