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Saturday, October 08, 2005

A quick note

Don't have much time now but let's just say we could use your prayers again. For now, I will just let you know it involves 2 boys, a swarm of yellow jackets, lots of screaming and swollen bodies. The only one spared was Lindsay. Otherwise, the day was perfect. Lindsay had a great time at her party and the Bears won. Pictures to follow soon.

Edit by Mark: The boys sent a football into the "woods" behind our house. Drew bravely went to get it and Evan followed. Drew stepped on (or in some other way disturbed) a nest of yellowjackets and Evan followed him right into the cloud of yellowjackets. As best we could tell Evan got 13 stings, Drew 8, and Mom & Dad each got about 4 as we tried to rescue the boys. I think the boys have been cured of their desire to explore the creek for a while...

The enemy:


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