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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The indoor family

You will not find one of our children in the yard these days! No way. Evan says the backyard gives him the creeps. We happen to really like our backyard. There is so much for a kid to love back there. We love the trees, birds and butterflies that you can't find in new neighborhoods that don't have trees. But along with the cool stuff, we also have armadillos, raccoons, spiders and snakes.

Our neighbor came over this afternoon to inform us that her yard man found a rattlesnake in her backyard. They tried to kill him but he was TOO AGGRESSIVE! Yikes. They are coming back tomorrow to try to get him. Now, this in itself is worrisome but couple that with the hornet incident and you've got yourself some very nervous children. They freak out at any little gnat that flies by them. We've seen some pretty big spiders INSIDE the house lately but the exterminator came today for our quarterly spray and hopefully that will take care of them. He is coming back tomorrow to take care of the hornets!

I told Mark about a lady who has a goat in the creek area behind her house and now Mark thinks we need one too. The idea is that it will eat all the poison ivy and keep the other stuff away as well. The kids like the idea of having a goat but I don't think Sadie would like it!


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