Verse of the Day!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

In a galaxy far, far away

We went to Fort Worth last weekend. We stayed with Uncle Paul and family and did some really cool things. The Fort Worth museum has a Star Wars exhibit that is out of this world (haha). The boys really liked it. Lindsay had enough after a few minutes. She wanted to play in the little kid area of the museum with cousin Chloe. She is still asking if we can go back to the museum and play in the "under 6 area". She also really liked the Cowgirl museum.
Aren't these brothers just precious?

Saturday we moseyed over to the Stockyards for Cowboy Days. Evan and Lindsay participated in a watermelon eating and seed spitting contest!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Love it!

Now I know what I want for my birthday:

Baker's Edge

We just had a discussion about edges verses middle pieces during our Sunday lunch. I proudly told the kids that one of the reasons Mark and I are so happily married is because I like the edges and he likes the middle. I told them that I wish the same happiness for them with their future spouses. Drew asked if unequally yoked edge or middle piece eaters were the reason for the high divorce rate in America. Maybe so. Maybe the government should dump millions of research dollars into this theory.

Saturday, July 21, 2007


We spent a great deal of time at Barnes and Noble last night. I've never read a single page of HP but Drew and Mark really like the books. We played games and stared at all the very strange people hanging around. I won a prize for being able to identify a pickle flavored jelly bean. I was glad that I did not have to taste the black pepper or vomit flavored jelly beans. Can you imagine?

Drew didn't read as much today as I thought he would. He did the same thing with the previous book. We HAD to be there at midnight to get the book then he put the book on a shelf for a few months before he decided to read it. He promised me that he would read it quickly if we stayed up to get our copy last night. We got our hands on a copy of the much anticipated book at 12:37 a.m. (way past my bedtime, I might add.) It was worth it because we had some good bonding time, just the two of us.

Evan and Lindsay made wands and played Harry Potter all day long. They were saying all sorts of strange words. I think they were putting curses on things. That can't be good!

Friday, July 13, 2007


Many people have asked me if the inlaws house is okay in Salado. Luckily, all is intact. Many in town were not so lucky. We visited last weekend and this is what we saw.
Our favorite place to play in the creek by the mermaid was a mess. Trees were down. The railing on the bridge was torn apart. The water from previous rains had done some big time damage.
Mark and Lindsay endured one of the hottest days this summer for bike riding lessons. We promised the kids we would go back to the creek after the lesson to cool off.
Lindsay was a quick learner but not quick enough. The clouds rolled in and the rain poured down. Everyone was so hot that the rain felt great. Evan played on the golf course for hours. The course was closed due to flooding.
We went back to the mermaid before we left town and this is what we saw. There was no sign of the mermaid. Salado can really use some sunshine.

We're all in this together

Last night was so fun. Lindsay and I saw "High School Musical" presented by Waco Children's Theater. We went with a group of girls from church. I was surprised to see our neighbor as Sharpay, one of the leads. She was amazing!
Lindsay really liked getting autographs from the actors especially this cute little guy who played Troy.
Lindsay was by far the youngest girl in our group but I don't think she wanted that title. She wanted to sit between two of the teenage girls. I was sort of sad that she was so independent. We weren't even in the same row. I guess even the baby has to grow up sometime.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

When it rains, it pours!

Okay, the thesis is done. Life is great! Except Mark's car died..for good. Mark and Drew are away at camp. The water heater started to leak. Do I know how to turn the gas off? Turn the water off? No and no. Everyone I know is away at camp. I called two plumbers today. Neither called back. Did I mention that Lindsay is sick? When it rains it pours! Boy, am I drenched.