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Friday, March 09, 2007

Early Tech Support

As you undoubtedly know, I help people with computers. So I found this video especially funny. I wasn't around when they introduced books, but I can imagine the messages with questions my dad would have sent via carrier pigeon when he was moving from scrolls....

(Just kidding, Dad!)

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Enough Already!!!

Eight of the last ten school days, at least one of my kids has been home sick. Strep throat seems to be the culprit. We flew through flu season without a sniffle. While absentee records at school were being broken, we were healthier than ever. I thought we had it made. I was wrong. We were exposed to children who were at school and church despite fever and obvious illness. I know how hard it is to have to change your plans to accomodate sick kids. It's not fun! It's not convenient. I can't imagine having a "paying job" and having to take so much time off. Three sick kids makes for lots of trips to the pharmacy, especially when the first antibiotic only mildly works. When the big guns finally arrive, we see victory against the bad guys.

Evan is home for the second day in a row. He will have two days of school then Spring Break starts. Here's to a healthier spring!

He's up to it again!

You may remember last year, Mark ran his first marathon. I thought that might be the end of distance running for him. It just doesn't look like much fun! He was at it again last weekend, ONLY 13.1 miles this time. This was his second year to run in the Bear-A-Thon. He actually did really well. The course goes through Cameron Park which is very hilly. This weekend he is running again. I think it might be getting in his blood.

I normally don't run unless there is a large dog chasing me. A few weeks ago, I mentioned an upcoming 5K (Prepare for the Bear) to Evan and he expressed interest in running with ME! AHHHH! I decided that would be a good bonding experience with my son so I decided to run with him. Although he was running circles around me, we both made it to the finish line. The hilarious part is that I took home the first place trophy in my (old) age division. So, Mark may be a better runner. He may be faster and in better shape but I am the one with the first place trophy!!!!

Upward Basketball!

A big thank you to Upward Basketball Coaches David, James, Bo and Josh! These guys did an awesome job teaching game skills, team work and sharing God's love with the boys. I am always impressed when young men volunteer their time and invest in the lives of children! Their efforts did not go unnoticed. These men will make great dads one day.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Race for the Cure

There are two ladies who I work with who are battling breast cancer, so I helped form a Baylor ITS team for the Race for the Cure. If you want to get involved in a worthy cause, please help me raise money...

Mark's race page


Perhaps you saw on the news about a high school that got hit by a tornado. That's about all I knew until I got home from dinner last night and I had a message from my parents that it was my niece's high school. She (and the rest of the family) is fine, praise the Lord! However, 8 people at the high school died. I don't know if they were students or teachers. While Kate has contacted her close friends and they are fine, at least some of these will surely be acquaintances. (Enterprise isn't very big, after all.)

There's not much left of the school-

Here's a slideshow with some other pictures.

Luckily, the family is (physically) fine, but this will obviously create some emotional/psychological wounds. I'm sure Lisa, David, Kate, and Jake would covet your prayers.