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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

He's up to it again!

You may remember last year, Mark ran his first marathon. I thought that might be the end of distance running for him. It just doesn't look like much fun! He was at it again last weekend, ONLY 13.1 miles this time. This was his second year to run in the Bear-A-Thon. He actually did really well. The course goes through Cameron Park which is very hilly. This weekend he is running again. I think it might be getting in his blood.

I normally don't run unless there is a large dog chasing me. A few weeks ago, I mentioned an upcoming 5K (Prepare for the Bear) to Evan and he expressed interest in running with ME! AHHHH! I decided that would be a good bonding experience with my son so I decided to run with him. Although he was running circles around me, we both made it to the finish line. The hilarious part is that I took home the first place trophy in my (old) age division. So, Mark may be a better runner. He may be faster and in better shape but I am the one with the first place trophy!!!!


At 3/07/2007 6:01 PM, Anonymous B.Hood said...

Go, Mark, Go!


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