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Friday, January 12, 2007

A New Year

Happy New Year to all! 2007 has been lovely so far. Football, shopping and the return of children to school top the list of our favorite activities. We have a new family member. Her name is Jessica. We mostly call her "Jess"
If you see Lindsay, you will see Jess because they go everywhere together. They are "Twinns."
Getting dressed in the morning takes a little longer because the girls have to coordinate outfits. I love having a girl.

The boys are back in school. Drew was Leonardo DaVinci last night at "A night with the Artist." Imagine our surprise when we saw him come out to present dressed like this:

Do you recognize the Mona Lisa?


At 1/13/2007 12:49 PM, Blogger texasinafrica said...

How do Lindsay and Jess have all the same outfits? That picture of Drew is priceless!

At 1/13/2007 5:15 PM, Blogger regina said...

Jess is a My Twinn doll. You send in a pic of your dtr and they make the doll to look like her. Then they send you a catalog with all the outfits you can purchase to match your doll. Sorta pricey but so much fun!!!

At 1/15/2007 2:34 PM, Blogger texasinafrica said...

Wow. What will they think of next?


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