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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Fun games...

My brother Paul and I find pleasure in the out-of-the-ordinary. This probably has been tempered somewhat by the fact that we have kids and we live more responsible lives (I do, anyway). In the past, though, my mom and sister used to fuel this by buying at least one goofy game for us each Christmas.

I'm a Dave Barry fan. When he was still writing a weekly column, the Brazos Living section of the Waco Trib was known as the "Dave Barry" section, as his column was about the only thing worth reading in that section. His Christmas gift guide was especially fun.

What do these have to do with each other? Well, in this year's gift guide, one of the items is a game affectionately known as the "butthead game." The thing is, he is WAAAY behind the times. This particular family had this game years ago, as evidenced by the picture below of Drew and Papaw enjoying the game when Drew (and Papaw) was much younger. I'm guessing this is 1999. Come on, Dave, get in the 21st century.


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