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Friday, July 13, 2007


Many people have asked me if the inlaws house is okay in Salado. Luckily, all is intact. Many in town were not so lucky. We visited last weekend and this is what we saw.
Our favorite place to play in the creek by the mermaid was a mess. Trees were down. The railing on the bridge was torn apart. The water from previous rains had done some big time damage.
Mark and Lindsay endured one of the hottest days this summer for bike riding lessons. We promised the kids we would go back to the creek after the lesson to cool off.
Lindsay was a quick learner but not quick enough. The clouds rolled in and the rain poured down. Everyone was so hot that the rain felt great. Evan played on the golf course for hours. The course was closed due to flooding.
We went back to the mermaid before we left town and this is what we saw. There was no sign of the mermaid. Salado can really use some sunshine.


At 7/21/2007 9:11 AM, Anonymous B.Hood said...

Is that Mark falling off the bike?


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