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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

This week

We are just hanging around this week. Well, sort of...

Drew is at church camp for the first time. Rumor has it he is having a blast! Mark is at Youth camp.

Evan is going to Space Camp during the day. He went to the planetarium today. Favorite part: the laser show.

Lindsay is going to Vacation Bible School. Mom has a few hours of R and R (Rush and Run errands)

Due to the fact that it feels like it's 500 degrees outside, we have tried to stay indoors. I certainly don't remember summer being this HOT!!! Maybe there is something to that global warming thing!
Special Note to the public: When one of the employees/cooks is hauled away in an ambulance with cramps, fatigue and dizziness at a restaurant you just ate dinner at, it is not a good sign.


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