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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Hurray for Woodway!

Well, the day has finally come for us to be free of gigantic logs in front of our house! We were so excited that we cheered them on. Lindsay had her pompoms and Drew had the megaphone! We took cold water out to them because they were downright sweaty! They invited the kids to climb aboard the front end loader but made them promise not to take credit for the clean up!

I thought by this point in the summer I would be climbing the walls with all three kids home but not so. Evan seems to be doing that for me. Literally. We've survived VBS, theater camp, math camp and almost made it through Camp Invention. The big week is coming up soon when ALL THREE kids go to COUSIN'S CAMP. Hopefully, Meme and Papaw survive! They will have 11 grandkids to entertain! God Bless them! What am I going to do with all that free time? Host an Arbonne party for a friend, paint some furniture, paint a hallway, establish a private practice, go on a few dates with my husband, clean the house, exercise without guilt, work on my 5 year continuing education plan. The list could go on forever.

Drew's birthday party is Friday which will actually be one month late. He is having a slumber party. All he really wants to do is sit around and play PS2 and XBox but I can't let that happen. After pizza, we are going on a scavenger hunt, playing gross games that only boys could think are funny, watch a movie and hopefully go to bed! If you have any great slumber party/scavenger hunt ideas please pass them on.


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