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Saturday, June 24, 2006

We survived!

Lesson #1: My three kids plus four others equals ALOT! But just for the record, these kids were great! Although they didn't all know each other, they all got along great and had a lot of fun together! Picture: a human pyramid in a neighbors yard while singing "who let the dogs out"
Lesson #2: Don't expect boys to stay with the plan. They only want to play! Drew had a surprise visitor at Bahama Bucks. We met Hillcrest's coolest teacher for snowcones and mummifying of the birthday boy.
Lesson #3: Some boys will do anything! This picture shows part of the group holding the birthday flag and posing like a dog at a fire hydrant. They were also proudly sporting their new "bubba" teeth.
Lesson #4: You should hide the toilet paper and ration it out as they need it. Otherwise, this is what could happen.
Lesson #5: We now could tell you exactly what happens when a kid has a night terror. As Drew said, "it was really creepy!"
Lesson #6: You should make sure everyone uses the bathroom before they fall asleep.
Lesson #7: Don't serve pancakes and syrup on paper party plates. It just might end of all over the kitchen floor.
Lesson #8: If party goers get sweaty and stinky, take them swimming. It really helps!
Lesson #9: You can catch up on a lot of reading waiting for kids to finally fall asleep around 5:15 a.m.
Lesson#10: The average nine year old can put about 60 marshmallows in his mouth before they all come spewing out!


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WOW. I'm tired just reading about it!


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