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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

They're back!!!

The days of dining on octopus....over!
The days painting a hallway after church....over!
We are glad to be together as a family of five again. We were all happy to see each other. They were worn out but in good spirits. They have lots of stories to tell. Meme and Papaw are awesome (and probably VERY tired as well)
After much needed naps, we went to the Hood's for a July 4th celebration. Everyone had a blast! Fireworks were postponed until Friday night because of rain. We feel blessed to live in a free nation. We are blessed with a wonderful family, great friends and an AWESOME GOD!


At 7/05/2006 6:46 PM, Blogger brithood said...

Scott will just love that pic! :) Glad ya'll are all back together, and glad you got to come to the 4th of July bash!!

At 7/06/2006 2:32 PM, Blogger Teresa said...

Wish we could have been at the bash!

At 7/13/2006 5:58 PM, Blogger Momma G said...

you were missed. looking forward to seeing you in august.


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