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Monday, January 30, 2006

Weekend Report

We had another busy weekend. Drew spent the night at a friends' house Friday night. He only got about 30 minutes of sleep. This really seemed to work for him. He made 7 baskets at his basketball game, half of his teams 28 points. One was even from the 3 point range! Now he wants to stay up all night EVERY Friday night. The other four of us celebrated Mozart's 250th birthday Friday night. We went to a concert on campus. We were hoping the kids would fall asleep and we could enjoy the music but much to my surprise they really enjoyed it too. Evan even got the autograph of one the the musicians. Evan had a good basketball game as well. His team is really looking better. It's all that GREAT coaching! It hadn't rained hard in Waco for a very long time. It did Saturday morning. But that didn't stop Mark from waking up in the wee hours of the morning to run 22 miles. Now that is dedication. We spent some time in the pool Saturday. It was fun for the kids and felt great to Mark. Drew never did take a nap. We made sure he knew that grouchiness would not be acceptable but it seems that we wore Evan out! He fell asleep in full catchers gear!


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