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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Tomorrow finally came

Lindsay couldn't wait to get to grandma's house. She was really pretty excited about the whole weekend. We spent a great deal of time in traffic. Ahh... traffic. How I do remember sitting in my car for hours inching my way slowly to my destination all the while ingesting the toxic fumes from the car in front of me. I remember a time when I didn't mind traffic but that is not the case anymore! In graduate school, I would drive from my house to the medical center every morning in an hour and a half and not think a thing about it! Enough about traffic.

We had a busy weekend. We picked up Mark's 1/2 marathon number at the George R. Brown convention center. There was lots to do there. The kids "drove" a race car, we got lots of freebies and tastes of yummy snacks. Then we had lunch at The Hard Rock cafe. We walked around the theatre district in some pretty parks to let the kids get some energy out.
Then we were off to see ANNIE!

We all slept as Mark got up and drove to the race. The whole thing was on TV so we could watch the fun. Thanks to technology and the "chip", we got updates on Mark's progess on my phone. The only picture we have of him is when he got back to Grandma's house. We will be there in person to cheer him on for the BIG ONE!

After the race, we explored the museum district via the new transit system and took in an IMAX movie. We ended the trip with a visit to my grandparents house. My grandmother is doing well after a rough summer. We suspect that Evan may have had a few seizures this weekend. He has had some headaches and had to come home from school Tuesday. Please continue to pray that he is still on the road to recovery.


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